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emin▓ence, but to give up all ambitious dreams, an▓d work as a general practitioner for actua●l subsistence.To marry before he had even?/p>

?the prospect of a connection and emp●loyment was absolute madness; to live a▓ny distance from Helen he felt was quite ▓as impossible; so he settled● himself in the old town of Chest●er, about three miles from her home, and fo▓r her sake exerted himself more than▓ he had once believed was in h●is nature.At first, youth and excit▓ement beheld only the brighter side; but afte●r six months’ trial, so endless and l●ittle remunerating seemed his toil

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d remove. Fearfully woul●d Mr.Langley look on his darling, dreading tha●t this constant pressure of

anxiet●y and suspense would be as fatal to he▓r as disease had been to her sisters; but ●though more serious than had been her dis●position before, it was not the seriou▓sness of gloom, but rather of a fir●m yet gentle spirit, forming internally so●me resolution which required thought and ▓time for development.Her smil▓e was as joyous, her voice as gleef▓ul, as in happier years; her pursuits continued● with the same zeal, if not w▓ith deeper earnestness.To persuade her to annul▓ her engagement never entered

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